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We Energies Takes Proactive Measures with Acoustic Camera to Prevent Electrical Outages during Summer Storm Season

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
We Energies crews to utilize acoustic cameras to avert power outages during the summer

As summer storm season approaches, We Energies is taking proactive measures to prevent electrical outages by adding a new tool to their toolbox. The device in question is an acoustic camera that is being used by We Energies crews to detect abnormal sounds in electrical equipment, such as switch fuse units.

The acoustic camera uses more than 120 miniature microphones to pinpoint where the sounds are coming from. According to Mary Koutnik, the senior application engineer for We Energies, this technology has been instrumental in saving outage minutes for customers. By using the acoustic camera in conjunction with infrared cameras, which show heat spots on connections, crews can detect issues before they cause outages.

Dave Megna, the vice president of field operations at We Energies, explained how the acoustic camera can help diagnose problems in equipment before they cause an outage. This proactive approach to maintenance aims to make utilities more reliable for customers. Currently, We Energies crews in the Milwaukee area have one acoustic camera in use, with plans to receive a second one soon. They will be testing both cameras this summer before implementing them across the board. The goal is to use advanced technology to prevent outages and keep customers’ power running smoothly.

As summer approaches and storms become more frequent and intense, it’s important for utility companies like We Energies to take steps

By Samantha Jones

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