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Will Formula 1 rev Las Vegas’ economy like Austin?


May 27, 2023

Las Vegas (KSNV) — Stratospheric financial effect numbers are getting kicked about as Las Vegas approaches its initial chance to host a Formula One particular race in 4 decades, but is the hype achievable? If you think the Austin, Texas version of the Las Vegas Convention and Guests Authority, the quick answer is “totally.”

Austin started hosting an F1 race in 2012 at Circuit of the Americas (COTA), a closed track many miles southeast of the city. It will hold its 11th race in October, about a month just before the Las Vegas Grand Prix. So, how does it stack up against other important events in Austin? According to Wesley Lucas, the Director of Communications at Pay a visit to Austin, “It’s larger than so lots of diverse events for Austin. It is the greatest occasion of the year.”

“We are the original U.S F1 race,” Lucas mentioned. “Now there are 3, but we are the U.S. Grand Prix and dwelling to it, and pretty proud of our race and pretty proud of the effect it has on our neighborhood,” she added. “Not only just downtown Austin, the important effect from the occasion, but about the complete Austin location.”

Lucas says the 2021 Formula One particular race at COTA had a $434 million financial effect on the higher Austin location. That is substantially far more than a two-week music festival that brings in fans from all more than the nation. “To place that into point of view, the 2019 South By Southwest financial effect was just about $365 million. So the greatest year that South By Southwest had, which is about a two-week occasion, is under a 3-day occasion that we host out at Circuit of the Americas for Formula One particular.”

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Lucas says other financial indicators indicate that Formula One particular racing is steadily developing in reputation across Texas and the U.S.

Pay a visit to Austin says it is seeing development in its hospitality business as higher demand drives up space prices for fans coming in for race weekend. “As far as hotel prices go for Austin, it really is the greatest weekend our hotels see,” mentioned Lucas.

“Just this final year, the typical day-to-day price (ADR) was $439 for the complete weekend. The highest typical price getting on Saturday evening downtown we saw $787 a evening and $511 citywide,” mentioned Lucas. “For Austin, that is very higher. I know for Vegas, your prices would be a small bit larger, but you do not usually see numbers like that typical across the city. That is up 37% more than the F-1 prices we had in 2019. And historically, the highest ADR more than F-1 has been $563. So once again, definitely surpassing these numbers with the other race final year.”

Like Austin, Lucas says our Grand Prix will place Las Vegas on an international stage, specifically with F1 racing’s huge reputation overseas. “It’s a fantastic chance to showcase your location to a wide international audience,” mentioned Lucas. “It’s a industrial for Vegas. We take a lot of pride in displaying off our city and welcoming guests from all more than the planet to our city and showcasing our corporations, and our reside music venues. Absolutely everyone in the neighborhood advantages from this race,” she added. “So undoubtedly an chance for people to take benefit of that worldwide stage that Vegas is going to be on.”

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