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Women-led KC Swagger Takes on the 2021 Royals Season: From Basement to Warehouse and Beyond

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Lee’s Summit Woman Opens Business Inspired by Royals Fandom a Decade Ago

The Kansas City Royals are set to kick off the 2021 season on Thursday, and for Gina Siebel, this time of year holds a special significance. As a huge Royals fan, Siebel credits the team’s 2015 season with inspiring her to start her own T-shirt design business. Along with her husband, they have always enjoyed watching games, especially during the memorable 2014 World Series run.

In the spring of 2015, after the team had proven its “swagger,” Siebel designed a T-shirt featuring the word “Swagger” with a “W” designed like the Royals crown logo. The shirt was a hit and her business took off from there. What began in 2015 as a basement-based venture has now evolved into a fully established warehouse in Lee’s Summit that is women-owned-and-operated. KC Swagger now prints merchandise for local schools, club sports, and professional teams, with sizes for all ages.

As the new baseball season approaches, KC Swagger is preparing to sell new Royals gear in anticipation of their continued success on the field. They have also produced successful designs for other local teams such as the Chiefs and KC Current, drawing inspiration from various sources including Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Despite their growth and success, KC Swagger remains rooted in their love for the Kansas City Royals and their role in Siebel’s entrepreneurial journey. She credits them with instilling confidence in her to start her business and emphasizes that win or lose, their love for the team will always remain strong. With new additions to the team and exciting prospects on the horizon, they are eager to see where

By Samantha Jones

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