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World Bowls Champion of Champions: Singapore’s Philomena Goh secures joint-bronze medal


Sep 18, 2023
World Bowls Champion of Champions: Singapore’s Philomena Goh secures joint-bronze medal

Anthony Loh, the representative for Singapore in the men’s category, unfortunately did not advance past the ladder stage and finished eighth in his section.

Bernard Foo, the senior team coach for Bowls Singapore, commended Goh for playing at her highest level in the competition. He noted that she demonstrated her best performance, which was unprecedented. He also acknowledged the skill and experience of Karen Murphy, a renowned player in Australia, and praised Goh’s determination to defeat such a formidable opponent.

Reflecting on her semi-final match against Nunes, Goh admitted that she was too hasty, and it ended up costing her. She recognized that she should have stayed calmer and performed the necessary actions. Goh attributed her anxiousness to trying too hard and feeling pressure from Nunes. She acknowledged that experiencing more big games would help her gain the needed experience and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Although she didn’t make it to the final, Goh still had a reason to celebrate as she earned another medal. Goh, previously known as Amira, started competing in lawn bowling in 2000 and achieved a SEA Games bronze in the women’s fours event in 2001. After taking a break from the sport for 16 years due to “politics,” she made a comeback in 2017 and won a SEA Games gold in the triples event in 2019. She, along with Shermeen Lim and Margaret Lim, represented Singapore at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and finished fourth in their group of five teams.

Regarding future singles events, Goh deferred to her coach’s decision. Coach Foo expressed confidence in Goh’s ability to continue competing in the singles category, stating that despite not being a singles player originally, her performance in this competition proved otherwise.

With a bronze medal in her singles debut boosting her confidence, Goh aspires to achieve further success. She hopes that her accomplishment will contribute to the growth of bowls in Singapore, improving the game’s popularity and overall quality.

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