• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

X Improves Algorithm for Accuracy in Community Notes by Valuing Reviewer Feedback


Nov 22, 2023

Recently, the social network platform X, previously known as Twitter, has implemented a new algorithm to evaluate the usefulness and accuracy of its Community Notes feature. This algorithm aims to improve the platform’s ability to identify potentially inaccurate or unsupported notes and provide more weight to user evaluations.

Community Notes are a tool designed to provide additional context to potentially misleading posts on X. Other users can rate these notes based on their usefulness and credibility. Users can also visit a page that lists all proposed Community Notes for a specific post in order to evaluate their effectiveness.

In October 2020, X announced that Community Notes must include verified sources in order to be eligible for providing context on user publications on the social network. The company has also expressed its commitment to providing content that is broadly useful, clear, and accurate to its users. It has outlined plans to improve the way it identifies problematic notes in terms of accuracy and source support.

The new algorithm has been designed with this goal in mind, improving its ability to identify notes with accuracy or source support issues. It will also recognize users who diligently evaluate the notes and verify sources, giving them additional weight in the algorithm due to their thorough examination of the content. However, if evaluators incorrectly classify notes or fail to detect errors, the weight assigned to their evaluations will be reduced. This ensures that the quality and accuracy of information shared on X are maintained.

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