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Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Humanoid Robot Retires and is Replaced with a Fully Electric Model

BySamantha Jones

Apr 20, 2024
Company replaces humanoid robot with model that has real-world abilities

Boston Dynamics, a US-based company, has announced plans to upgrade its humanoid robot with a new model designed for commercial and industrial applications. The company will be retiring its hydraulic Atlas robot and replacing it with a fully electric model. Boston Dynamics began focusing on humanoid robots around 10 years ago and has seen other companies enter the field during that time. The company will collaborate with Hyundai to test new applications for the Atlas model.

The retired humanoid robot will be placed in the company’s office lobby museum alongside other decommissioned robots. Boston Dynamics released a video showcasing the movement capabilities of the Atlas model in various tests, including some dramatic failures. The company expressed pride in the accomplishments they have achieved with the Atlas platform over the years.

While some may find the advancement of robots exciting, others have concerns about the potential risks associated with highly advanced technology. Boston Dynamics has published a code of ethics that outlines principles such as ensuring the trustworthiness of their robots, keeping them unweaponized, and respecting civil rights and privacy laws. The company aims to create robots that are beneficial and safe for society.

By Samantha Jones

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