• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Economic inclusion important to expanding South Africa’s economy


May 26, 2023

Having said that, the study indicated that SMMEs are not pretty prepared to serve this expanding appetite for non-money transactions. In spite of higher awareness of banking, the study really showed a decline in respondents’ ownership of a standard bank account. By the finish of 2022, only 25% had a organization bank account. All the surveyed SMMEs presented money alternatives to clients, with only two% providing a card machine or tap-on-telephone, and 1% providing contactless QR codes – their reasoning becoming that non-money payment alternatives are also tricky to use, and information expenses are also higher.

At present this disconnect is a challenge, but in future, this is also a fantastic chance for every person. Clearly, there is a need to have to create very simple, very affordable, simply understood fintech options that can displace money and unlock wider inclusion for every person involved in a transaction. Regardless of size, turnover, headcount, or consumer segments, hassle-free digital options underpinned by safe technologies level the playing field for entrepreneurs and guarantee that disadvantaged communities can participate meaningfully in the economy.

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