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Expanding Opportunities: Morningside University Introduces Animal Science Minor in Fall 2024

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
School of Agriculture and Aviation introduces new Animal Science minor

In fall 2024, Morningside University in Sioux City, Iowa will be introducing a new animal science minor for students interested in pursuing careers in animal health and welfare. This addition to the academic catalog expands students’ career opportunities and aligns with the university’s commitment to providing innovative academic programs that meet the needs of the Siouxland region.

Dr. Tom Paulsen, dean of the School of Agriculture and Aviation at Morningside University, expressed excitement about the new minor, highlighting the hands-on learning experiences and industry partnerships it will provide. Dr. Chris Spicer, provost and vice president for academic affairs at Morningside University, emphasized the university’s dedication to offering interdisciplinary study options that prepare students for successful careers.

The animal science minor complements the various majors available at Morningside University, giving students the flexibility to tailor their educational experience to their career goals. The addition of animal science reflects recent enhancements within the Regina Roth Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department, such as the construction of the Rosen Ag Center and the development of Lags Farm – a 76-acre learning farm located near campus.

Prospective students interested in the animal science minor can contact the Morningside University Admissions Office for more information. Additional details, course requirements, and application information can be found on the university’s animal science webpage.

By Samantha Jones

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