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Exploring the Culture and Production Design of Veldt: A Deep Dive into the Making of Rebel Moon

BySamantha Jones

Apr 20, 2024
Exclusive: New Book Explores Rebel Moon’s Cosmology and Technology in Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Universe

The village of Veldt may seem like a simple place, but the people who live there are part of a thriving community with a complex and nuanced culture. While the “Rebel Moon” films don’t have enough time to explore this way of life, author Peter Aperlo’s official art and making-of book fills in the gaps and enhances what we see on screen.

From breaking down the language and script used on Veldt to detailing the process of adding lived-in details to background props, this book covers it all. In addition to exclusive information on production design, it also includes fun little details that went into each set.

While those who aren’t experts in linguistics might prefer visual factoids, the book still has plenty to offer. One interesting revelation involves a noodle bar on Veldt, with concept art created before the set was constructed, hidden posters in the background, and translations for those who may struggle with learning new languages on apps like Duolingo.

“Rebel Moon: Wolf: Ex Nihilo: Cosmology & Technology” is available to order now, offering even more insights into the world of Veldt and the making of the films.

By Samantha Jones

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