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Legendary Customer Celebrates 105th Birthday with Surprise Party at Bojangles

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
North Carolina Chain Bojangles Fan Marks 105th Birthday with Celebration

105-year-old Charlie Lentz was taken aback when he walked into Bojangles in North Carolina and found a party celebrating his special day. Lentz, who has been a loyal customer of the restaurant for decades, is renowned for his regular order of the Leg & Thigh meal. The staff at Bojangles often have his meal ready for him when he arrives.

The surprise party was organized by Horace Spencer, the regional manager of Bojangles, which opened in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1994. Lentz’s friends and family gathered at the restaurant to celebrate his milestone birthday. Lentz wore a Bojangles crown as he was thrilled with the celebration.

Spencer shared that Lentz typically visits Bojangles with family and friends from his church, located nearby. His consistent order of the $8 Leg & Thigh meal, which includes two pieces of chicken, two sides, and a biscuit, is always prepared for him ahead of time. Bojangles, which was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1977, now operates over 800 restaurants in 17 states with a focus on southern-inspired dishes like chicken and biscuits.

By Samantha Jones

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