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Losail upgraded as Qatar promises F1 race will be annual “World Cup”


May 27, 2023

Qatar stepped in at a late stage in the course of the COVID-hit 2021 season to fill a hole in the calendar left by the cancellation of other events.

The nation subsequently signed a ten-year deal with F1 to start off in 2023, with 2022 skipped to steer clear of any clash with the FIFA Planet Cup.

Following the initial F1 occasion had to deal with the compromises developed by tiny pit garages that had been created for MotoGP, as nicely as short-term group hospitality buildings in the paddock, the circuit has responded by constructing a fully new pit and paddock complicated, as nicely as adding tunnels and enhancing access and parking.

“The Planet Cup was completed currently in 2022,” mentioned Amro Al-Hamad, CEO of the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation and the Losail circuit. “We are the new Planet Cup for the subsequent ten years.

“We’ve collected a lot of lessons discovered in the course of the Planet Cup. All the departments, all the authorities in the state of Qatar are eager to in fact come and assist us out with all that they collected in the course of that period.

“There is a lot when it comes to the organisation of the fans going in and out (and) when it comes to safety measures.

“Everyone now is extremely eager to share their experiences with us to make confident that we provide an even larger calibre occasion than the Planet Cup was.”

Losail International Circuit overview

Photo by: QMMF

The building perform will see the creation of a new race handle facility and media centre as nicely as bigger pit garages.

“The F1 paddock is state of the art,” mentioned Al-Hamad. “We have not left any stone unturned. We’ve collected lots of lessons discovered from other circuits about the planet.

“The pit boxes are now appropriate for F1 racing, opposite to the ones that we had for Moto GP in the previous. We have 50 boxes. I never believe that anyone else inside the F1 calendar has that quantity of pit boxes.

“The adjustments also reached the group buildings. It is a full transform from what we had in the previous.

“We employed to have 1 tunnel. Now we have up to 4 tunnels to serve the entrance and the exit of the spectators.”

As portion of the upgrade perform the circuit has been resurfaced, while there have been no adjustments to the layout.

Losail International Circuit overview

Losail International Circuit overview

Photo by: QMMF

Even though the investment in the Losail upgrades suggests that the permanent venue is now favoured, the solution of moving the grand prix to a street layout in Doha has not completely disappeared.

“It was 1 of the lots of suggestions that we had currently on our agenda,” mentioned Al-Hamad. “It’s just anything that we explored. Possibly, in all probability, it really is going to be anything in the future.

“I’m not telling you it really is going to be, but we’re just open now for so lots of suggestions. We are not leaving any stone unturned, but it really is not confirmed news or something.”