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New NCAA Football Rules: Implementation of Two-Minute Warning and Communication Technology for Coaches and Players

BySamantha Jones

Apr 20, 2024
Two Minute Warning: The Latest Technology Enhancements Coming to College Football

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has approved new technology rules, including the implementation of a two-minute warning in all levels of college football. This is similar to the NFL, where automatic timeouts will occur in the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarters. Additionally, options for using tablets for in-game video, collaborative replay systems, and a modification to the horse collar tackle rule were also approved for all NCAA levels.

One notable change is the allowance for communication from coach to player through the helmet worn by the quarterback and one defensive player. However, this rule is currently only for FBS teams. Non-FBS leagues interested in using this technology must submit proposals to the Football Rules Committee by June 15th.

For more information on these new rules and other changes, you can read the full NCAA Release. Copyright 2024 KSFY. All rights reserved.

By Samantha Jones

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