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New Technique: “All-in-Side” Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction for Fast Healing and Improved Mobility.

BySamantha Jones

Apr 17, 2024
The young man endured two consecutive ligament ruptures after postponing treatment

A man named Mr. Dat, who is 24 years old and resides in Dong Nai, experienced multiple ruptures of his cruciate ligaments over several months. This resulted in loose knee joints and difficulty walking. He initially tore his cruciate ligament while playing soccer and was advised by a local doctor to undergo surgery. However, he was hesitant and declined the procedure despite continuing an active lifestyle.

Recently, Mr. Dat was diagnosed with two torn knee ligaments by Dr. Nguyen Van Luu from the Center for Orthopedics at Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Despite other structures such as cartilage not being damaged, the patient was recommended to undergo reconstructive surgery for both the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments using the “all in side” technique, which involves using autologous tendons to repair the ligaments.

The “all in side” technique is an endoscopic, minimally invasive method that aims to reduce infection risks and postoperative pain. It helps patients recover faster and regain mobility sooner than traditional open surgical methods. Following the surgery, rehabilitation is crucial in ensuring the success of the procedure and preventing re-rupture of the ligaments. Patients are required to follow a structured exercise program under the guidance of a physical therapist.

Just two days after the surgery, Mr. Dat was able to bend and stretch his knee comfortably and walk with ease. Dr. Luu predicts that the patient will be able to resume moderate exercise after 6 months and engage in light sports after 9 months if he follows a recommended rehabilitation plan without any complications or setbacks during recovery process.

Dr. Luu emphasizes that seeking prompt medical attention is essential when it comes to ligament rupture as delays can lead to additional complications like damage to surrounding tissues or potential long-term consequences like osteoarthritis.


By Samantha Jones

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