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New Trade Group Promotes Responsible Gambling in U.S. Sportsbook Industry Amid Growth and Concerns of Irresponsible Behavior

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Responsible Gambling Organization Formed by Online Sportsbooks

In recent years, the American sports betting market has experienced significant growth, with Americans legally wagering nearly $120 billion on sports in 2023. This represents a 28% increase from the previous year and has had a profound impact on fan engagement, with many people watching games until the end to see if they win or lose money. However, this rise in sports betting activity has also brought about concerns about problematic behaviors and irresponsible gambling.

In response to these challenges, seven of the largest U.S. sportsbooks have formed a new trade group called the Responsible Online Gaming Association (ROGA). The goal of ROGA is to promote responsible gambling by sharing best practices and information about customers who have been banned from their platforms due to problematic betting behaviors. By doing so, these companies hope to enhance consumer confidence in the industry and address some of the negative perceptions surrounding irresponsible gambling and addiction.

According to Kenneth Shropshire, a sports business expert at Wharton, it is essential for the industry to address these issues head-on. He emphasized that while ROGA’s main goal may be to promote responsible gambling, its ultimate objective is likely to maximize revenue. By implementing internal rules and regulations, these companies may be seeking to preempt stricter regulations from state governments. As such, they are walking a fine line between profitability and ethical responsibility.

Economist Victor Matheson from the College of the Holy Cross pointed out that while ROGA’s efforts are commendable, there is still much work to be done in this area. He highlighted that problematic behaviors related to sports betting can have far-reaching consequences beyond just financial loss for individuals and their families but can also impact public safety and law enforcement efforts. As such, it is crucial for both sportsbooks and policymakers alike to continue working together towards responsible gambling practices that protect consumers while maintaining a healthy and sustainable industry.

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Overall, the formation of ROGA represents an important step forward for the U.S. sportsbook industry towards promoting responsible gambling practices while addressing some of the negative perceptions surrounding irresponsible gambling and addiction. While there are still challenges ahead in this area, it is essential for both businesses and policymakers alike to continue working together towards creating a more sustainable future for all stakeholders involved in this rapidly evolving industry

By Samantha Jones

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