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Steve Belichick Takes on New Challenge: Defensive Coordinator at the University of Washington

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Steve Belichick hilariously mocks his father Bill in classic Belichick style

Steve Belichick, the son of former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, has taken on a new challenge as the defensive coordinator at the University of Washington. This is a departure from his father’s long tenure as a coach in the NFL, as Bill recently departed from his role as head coach of the New England Patriots and has yet to return to coaching in the league.

During a recent news conference, Steve spoke candidly about the differences between himself and his famous father. While he looks up to him as a mentor, he emphasized that he is his own person and is excited to work with the team at Washington without trying to emulate his father’s coaching style. He joked that unlike his father, who has a job while he is currently not coaching, he is thrilled to have a job and be able to contribute to the team.

The Belichick family is known for their sense of humor, even if it can be dry at times. Steve demonstrated this during the news conference when he made light of his father’s job status. Despite any rumors about Bill potentially taking on a media role in the interim, it seems that Steve will have to wait until the next offseason for his father to resume coaching in the NFL. Until then, Steve’s witty joke about his father’s job status remains relevant and entertaining.

By Samantha Jones

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