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Boston Dynamics Launches New Electric Atlas Humanoid Robot for Real-World Applications

BySamantha Jones

Apr 17, 2024
Introducing the latest electric Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has recently unveiled a new version of its Atlas humanoid robot that is completely electric and designed for real-world applications. This marks the end of the decade-long use of the hydraulic version of the robot. The new electric Atlas retains its humanoid form with a head, trunk, two arms, and two legs, but with an updated body that is more agile and less bulky. It is described as being “stronger, more dexterous and more agile” than its predecessor, with movements that are designed to be more efficient for performing tasks that are boring, dirty, and dangerous in real-world scenarios.

The new Atlas robot incorporates advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to enhance its capabilities. This includes advancements in simulation and predictive control to ensure efficient operation and adaptation to complex situations. Boston Dynamics has also announced a new commercial approach for Atlas, teaming up with a select group of clients to further develop its capabilities. Hyundai is the first client announced, with plans to test Atlas in car manufacturing.

This latest version of Atlas comes after a decade of advances in mobility, perception, and robotic strength with the hydraulic version that enabled the robot to perform impressive feats like jumps and somersaults in activities like ‘parkour’. The transition to an electric version represents a significant milestone in the evolution of humanoid robots for practical applications in various industries. With its enhanced capabilities and new commercial approach, Atlas is set to revolutionize how tasks are performed in real-world scenarios.

By Samantha Jones

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