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Bringing the Heat: 4x1500m Relay at World XC Championships

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Top Picks for the 2024 World Cross Country Championships

The mixed-gender cross-country 4x1500m relay is a new thrilling event that has been added to the World XC Championships. In its fourth edition, anything can happen as teams strategize to put together their best quartet. Last year, Australia had a strong team on paper with middle-distance runners like Olli Hoare and Jessica Hull, but they had to settle for a bronze medal as they were not in contention for the win.

Kenya may have a strong chance to repeat as champions, with three of their four legs from the previous year potentially returning. Athletics Kenya’s decision to have 800m runner Emmanuel Wanyonyi lead off worked well last time, so they may stick with that strategy. Ethiopia, on the other hand, will have veteran 5000m runner Hagos Gebrhiwet running one of the legs, a departure from the norm as he typically competes in longer distances.

Japan’s team features Nozomi Tanaka, a reliable middle-distance runner with an impressive 5000m PB from the previous summer. The United States team includes Kasey Knevelbaard, Ella Donaghu, John Reniewicki, and Katie Izzo, all showcasing strong performances in indoor events and on the cross country circuit.

With the unpredictability of this new event, any team has the potential to crack the medals and surprise the competition. Stay tuned for more updates on the World XC Championships and make sure to follow CITIUS MAG on social media for live coverage of the action. Feel free to share this newsletter with friends who may be interested and encourage them to subscribe for more updates.

By Samantha Jones

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